Download Microsoft Teams Desktop App

Download Microsoft Teams Desktop App from the Teams Web App

My preferred method to recommend downloading the Teams desktop app is to have them download it by first logging into the Teams Web app.

While there are other methods (such as this direct download link: I recommend using the method below.

... by first having them access Teams online verifies:

  1. Verify if they have a valid Office 365 Business account

    • Not a requirement: Regular Microsoft accounts (or third party accounts) can be added to Teams as guests. But helpful to know what kind of account you are inviting.
    • If this download procedure does not work, it will probably generate a question which will help you understand the account you are trying to invite a little better.
  2. User know their user name and password

    • This can be accessed if saved in the browser (Link how to access stored credentials)
  3. User knows how to access Office on the Web

    • as an alternative method, a mobile method
    • Means to give presentation on conference computer without transferring files or hooking in personal laptop
    • As a way to access more than one primary office tenant at the same time


  1. Login to your Office 365 Account:

  2. Navigate to the Teams Web App

    • Click the menu icon in top left of browser
  3. Click on your picture to expand your settings menu

  4. Click the "Download the desktop app" link.

Once download, just install and login using the same Office 365 credentials

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